1. The term "Starving Artists" refers to the Starving Artists site, including Starving Artists 2, as represented by site owner and operator Mike Sibley.
  2. Starving Artists will not be liable for any "spam" (unsolicited) emails you may receive. The "mailto:" email address in your gallery, and anywhere else on the site, is written into your pages as they load and is, to the best of our ability, not contained in robot-accessible code.
  3. Starving Artists is not liable for any untrue statements or dishonest posting within any gallery. We have no way of checking the source of the artwork or of verifying the details supplied to us. In the event of a dispute arising over ownership or any other matter relating to an image, that image will be removed from our site until we are satisfied that it can legitimately be returned.
  4. Starving Artists is not liable for any stolen, misused or fraudulently marketed images that appear in Starving Artists galleries.  You submit them to us at your own risk.  We pride ourselves on presenting reasonably large and optimised images that best show the quality of your work but you must understand that this leaves them open to possible misuse.  We will remove your images from your gallery any time you please.  We can also overwrite them with copyright notification on request.
  5. Starving Artists does not recommend or condone the selling of celebrity artwork. We have no means of knowing if the source photograph was taken by you or was taken by a third party who owns the copyright.  You request "for sale" flags in reference to images of celebrities at your own risk.  In the event of a dispute or notification of a dispute that image will be removed from the Starving Artists site until we are satisfied that it can legitimately be returned.
  6. Starving Artists is not liable or to be held responsible for any images posted or comments made in any part of the Starving Artists 2 automated gallery.  Any fraudulent or offensive work or comments will be removed immediately on notification but we are not able to moderate the site or content at all times.  We rely on the integrity of the artists using the free galleries to respect the site and other users.  You submit images and comments to Starving Artists 2 at your own risk.  We reserve the right delete any image or comment at any time.  Our decision is final and we may (and can) bar use of the gallery to users who misuse the facility.
  7. There is no limit to the number of images in any Gold service gallery. However, we reserve the right to specify a limitation at any future time and to require all current galleries to be reduced to that number if we so decide. Our webspace is not limitless and carries other websites in addition to Starving Artists.
  8. All personal details supplied to us and all artwork submitted will be kept on our system purely for our mutual convenience. No information or image will ever be supplied to any third party. The only exception is the appearance of your website URL and email address within your own Starving Artists gallery. Your mailing address or other contact information will never be passed on without prior agreement from you. Should you decide to close your gallery at a future date all data will be erased from our system.
  9. Any image submitted to Starving Artists or Starving Artists 2 may be used for promoting the Starving Artists site, the Starving Artists Editor's Choice feature and the Mike Sibley Fine Art site (www.sibleyfineart.com). Your permission to use your images is granted as a result of sending those images to Starving Artists for inclusion in your gallery or uploading them to Starving Artists 2. No image will ever knowingly be supplied to a third party.
  10. Please notify us if you no longer require your gallery. This will free space for new arrivals and improve bandwidth for visitors.
  11. We at Starving Artists will do our best to update your gallery as soon as possible after receiving your submission. However, we can give no guarantees or estimates as to the time this will take. Please remember that this site is run by a working studio.