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Steve's Digicams
Comprehensive, in-depth reviews of giclée and inkjet printers, papers and inks. Everything you always wanted to know from an independant source.  Reviews cover everything from printing quality to individual displays of controls and what they all do. Better than many operators manuals!  Also has great reviews of most digital cameras.

Northlight Images
Comprehensive review of the A2-size Epson 4000 8-colour printer.  Replaces the 5000 and 3000 models.  Review covers specifications, details, and articles about the new Epson 4000 and comparisons to the 7600 model. With a 17" paper-width capability and a table-top size (as long as there's nothing else on the table!) this is an ideal A2 printer for home use. Particularly good for B&W work as it features both matt-black and photo-black cartridges.(A2 = 23"×16½") Drawing & Sketching Forum
Contains links to pages explaining Giclée printing. Features giclée printing and printers, creating giclee art prints. Find out about giclée printing, what giclée prints are, how they are made and where to get your art printed.

Northlight Images Resources
A collection of articles and links to online resources, covering many aspects of digital printmaking and photography. Also has a special section devoted to digital B&W and information on useful books.  Includes such tips as an article by Keith Cooper on generating 'profiles' with Photoshop for improving black and white inkjet printing in a non-colour-managed setup.

Digital Outback Photo
Learn about RIPs (Raster Imaging Processors) and the ColorByte ImagePrint RIP in particular.  Basically, a RIP replaces the printer driver and bypasses the Windows print spooler to replace both with dedicated, superior quality software.  Never cheap but all commercial printers use them - enough said!

Fine Art Trade Guild
A mine of information for artists, gallery owners and framers- see Info Centre and Consumer Zone. From print types and printing to .... well, anything art-related.

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