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Starving Artists — Silver service [view sample gallery]
If you create any form of art and want a web presence, would like to display your work and perhaps sell your originals or prints - whatever your needs - this is the service for you. Virtually your own website without you having to do the work or gain the knowledge required. We aim to promote your name and your work and Mike has 35 years of experience as a professional artist at your disposal. You can upgrade to the Gold service at any time, and you have the full use of the Starving Artists 2 automated galleries too.
Starving Artists — Gold service [view sample gallery]
Everything in the Silver service plus a lot more. If you sell prints or accept commissions this is the right service for you. Your own Shopping Cart, unlimited images, close-up views of your artwork so your work can be better appreciated on the web [view example], your own Commission Details panel (with entries in the Commission Finder feature on the home page)... and more.
Starving Artists 2 — the Automated Gallery[visit Starving Artists 2]
If Starving Artists is the main house then Starving Artists 2 is the annexe - open to all and accepting all forms of artwork. Show your art to the world! Select a suitable media gallery and upload your work into it. Receive comments and votes and comment on the work of your fellow artists if you wish.
“Hi Mike , just to let you know for definite that Starving Artists DOES work. I received an email through the Starving Artist website at lunch time today from a lady who wanted to commission a drawing for her husband , by 3.30pm it was all confirmed , size , price and deadline for the drawing, so there ya go . Cheers.” (Nigel Fuller)

If you enjoy painting, drawing, pyrography, sculpture... whatever - the Starving Artists 2 automated gallery is the one for you. You manage your own work and make your own decisions about what to post or remove.
Beginning or wanting to build a business?
If promotion of your art is your aim then Starving Artists was created for you.  Starving Artists exists to promote your work and name as an emerging artist. It's the site I wish I had 25 years ago when I first started out. Choose the Silver service to use your gallery as a mobile portfolio and for global promotion and advertising of your art. If you want all the benefits of the site or accept commissions choose the Gold service. We're here to help you in any way we can.
You can never have too much exposure. Even if you have your own website, centres such as Starving Artists can often draw a more diverse audience. Direct links to your site give you increased traffic and improve your link popularity in search engines such as Google.

You will need at least one image to send us when you sign up for your Gold or Silver Starving Artists gallery so you might like to sort this out now.

  Starving Artists Starving Artists 2

Personal Starving Artists gallery  
Starving Artists 2 multi-media galleries use
All media acceptable -
  drawings, paintings, sculpture...and more

not photography

not photography
Image posting — Starving Artists 2
  Instant inclusion in Automated gallery
Image posting — Starving Artists
  By us for you as soon as possible after
  images and meta tags have been optimised.
Front page link to your gallery  
Links to your website point here
Email buttons for direct customer contact  
Your work features in your own gallery
  and in Subject/Category galleries
Unlimited images 15 only 500KB only
Images and thumbnails optimised by us
  for best viewing quality
Originals for sale flagged "for sale"  
Prints for sale - flagged
  "Open edition" or "Limited Edition"
Pages optimised for Search Engines  
Images optimised for search engine image
Images copy-protected no right-click copying
  and Internet Explorer picture toolbar disabled.
Image views Full view and optional
  (zoom in/out) Detail view [view example]
Original/Prints for sale - full details in optional
  instant pop-up display  
[point here for example]
 Shopping Cart - Sell directly
    from your gallery to your visitors.  [full details]
Commission details panel and entries in
   front page Commission Finder [view example]
Exhibition display - biography page optional
  instant pop-up display 
[point here for example]
Top of Page listing in the Gold members
   section above the full Artists Index
Highlighted entry in front page Artists Index
   for even greater exposure
Your own gallery link for direct access
Cost of service - single set-up fee
   Nothing else to pay!
£45 - $81.00 £20 - $36.00 Free
  Starving Artists Starving Artists 2
  Gold service Silver service Standard service
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